Friday, February 24, 2012

Republican Primary Recap, Woman-killing and Jill Stein - 9:00 AM EST

Today we will recap the Republican primaries to date with contest coming up on February 28th in Arizona and Michigan. Daisy elaborates on her blog post questioning why a major world corporation would use a “woman-killing” song and nobody seems to care or notice? Is it because the song is by a conservative operative? Why is Volkswagen using Ted Nugent’s song “Stranglehold”. Green Party Presidential candidate nominee Jill Stein ( will be our special guest. Stein is a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Santorum's Sexism

Rick Santorum criticized the Pentagon decision to allow 14,000 more female soldiers to serve closer to combat lines. He claimed men would be to emotional and jeopardize the mission to protect female soldiers. Usually the argument is that women are too emotional and since Santorum has never served in the military, what does he base his argument on? Sexism seems to be a common theme with the Santorum campaign. Rick Santorum’s Iowa coalitions director, Jamie Johnson, last summer sent out an email saying that children’s lives would be harmed if the nation had a female president.

Daisy and Gregg will aslo discuss if the Occupy movement should start occupying homes being forclosed upon as the foreclosure continue to happen at alarming rates despite bank bailouts and federal mortgage re-modification programs.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Church, The President & The Pill

Our very own "bad Catholic" girl is back and she is going to discuss the hypocrisy of the Church when it comes to birth control. What is the United States going to do about the bloodshed in Syria? Should the U.S. get involved directly, indirectly or not at all? Lets talk about it!

This political/news program is hosted by Daisy Deadhead of Daisy's Dead Air blog and Gregg Jocoy of the South Carolina Green Party which sponsors the show.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Occupy Film Series, Deb Morrow for Congress & the Noam Chomsky misadventure

Today on the Daisy Deadhead Show, Daisy and Gregg will be back in the WFIS studios and will discuss the Occupy Film Series as well as Deb Morrow's campaign to become the next South Carolina congressional representative for the 4th district. Deb is a genuine working-class, progressive Democrat and a Spartanburg Occupier. Daisy also got a chance to interview Dr. Noam Chomsky but due to technical difficulties, was unable to record the conversation but she will more than likely share what she and Dr. Chomsky discussed. Remember to tune in at 9:00 AM EST Saturday morning and as always, we welcome calls from the listeners.