Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joel Ann Chandler vs. The South Carolina Department of Transportation

Daisy kicked off her third show on WFIS and was joined by Gregg Jocoy who co-hosted.

Joel Ann Chandler called into the program to discuss her fight against the The South Carolina Department of Transportation. You can read more about the issue below.

Longtime Produce Vendor Takes On SC-DOT

MAULDIN, S.C. -- The South Carolina Department of Transportation plans to widen an Upstate roadway -- but not without a fight from a feisty produce vendor. Joel Ann Chandler has operated the Mauldin Open-Air Market on Butler Road for 30 years.

The SC-DOT wants to widen the intersection and the nearby area where Butler Road meets Corn Road and Brides Road. The area includes the road in front of Mauldin High School. Chandler said the changes would make it difficult for her tractor trailer to safely deliver produce. She said the SC-DOT wants to convert a nearby embankment into an access driveway.

"It's going to be hard for us to even get out in the road without red lights; dangerous. Kids are running across the road all the time over here," Chandler said. Read more....

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