Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chuck Phelps resigns from Bob Jones University Board - 9:00AM EST

News from the home front, what's the governor going to do now that she's been told to leave the Constitution alone, and Chuck Phelps resigns from the Board at Bob Jones University. Is The Daisy Deadhead Show responsible?

Tune in and find out!

1 comment:

  1. This guy doesn't know what ethics means. He is a fake and a sic creep. His wife is also disgusting, when she have the freakish gaul to ask a little raped girl Tina Anderson, Howd ya like it? I think Linda Phelps is dumb and is just a part of much bigger MOnster, her husband, Chuck Chrales Phelps. Chuck has changes his name to Charles as if that will get his goofy picture of his criminal activities out of the minds of saved and the unsaved world combined. No it doesn't help Chuck because your stinch is reaching heaven and we all know you are a freak and Bob Jones is also for wanting A Super Freak Like you on the board and then thinking in his pea brain that you could somehow teach anything to do with ethics? I mean you guys should be in comedy. Charles Manson Has more Ethics than you and Bobby Jones put together and he is much more mature than you cry babies.

    You cry babies have to kick out a guy that is so defensless, however, you made a big mistake because everyone that doesn't suck off of Bob Jones's dirty teat, loves this guy and knows he is for truth and you all are not.

    I wish someone would organize a fund so that we all could donate what we want to help Christopher out, so he can finish his degree at a real university that is not so inbred.

    Someone start this fund. I am in for at least $100.00 minimum.