Friday, January 13, 2012

Jeff Sharlet,Occupy Writers & Martin Luther King Jr.

This week on The Daisy Deadhead Show, Jeff Sharlet will be our special guest. Sharlet (sounds like Charlotte) is a New York Times best selling author and founder of Occupy Writers. He'll be discussing his books, his website, and most importantly, Occupy Writers.

We will also reflect on the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr who created the Poor People's Campaign along with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. After the assasination of Dr.King, The SCLC and other leaders decided to continue the Poor Peoples campaign in King’s honor. On May 12, 1968, demonstrators began a two-week protest in Washington, D.C. and that same month thousands of poor people of all races set up a shantytown known as “Resurrection City.” The city was closed down in mid-June and the economic bill of rights was never passed.

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