Friday, June 15, 2012

The Jerry Sandusky trial

9:00 AM EST
Daisy and Gregg will be discussing the latest in the trial of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky who is accused of molesting and raping several young boys over the years. 

Deb Morrow, won the SC Democratic primary! She will go up against awful Trey Gowdy for the 4th District Congressional Seat in November. 


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  1. Is there a more sleazy looking fellow on the planet than Trey Gowdy? You couldn't cast a more smarmy looking actor to play the role of an unsavory Southern politician than that guy.

    And what's up with Nikki Haley endorsing Lee Bright? Isn't he the clown who wants SC to have its own currency? The guy's business is facing foreclosure and this is who Governor Transparent chooses to endorse? Yeah that's the kind of leadership we need.