Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where in the world is Mitt's money?

Mitt Romney doesn't want to disclose the source of his vast wealth other than disclosing the minimal that Federal law requires. The records that he did release show income from Bain Capital the investment firm he co-founded and Goldman Sachs, a recipient of the tax payer funded bailout of banks that started under George Bush co-signed by President Obama who was backed by firm in 2008 but has become Mitt Romney's biggest donor for the 2012 election. The media is engaged in a new game called "Where in the World is Mitt Romney's Money" as they investigate the off shore accounts of the Republican presumptive nominee. The game of cat and mouse that Romney is playing makes people wonder what does he have to hide.

This story and more as we look at recent actions of Governor Nikki Haley whose recent vetoes cut two state agencies in South Carolina.


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