Tuesday, November 20, 2012

News of the Day - 11/20/2012

Tonight's Topics:

Segment 1- Wal Mart: Low Wages, Always. We discuss plans to protest Wal Mart's practices this Friday.

Segment 2- Who owns the Republican Party now? Rand Paul has plans for "The Republican Party: Next Generation", but will the owners balk, or green light a reform effort?

Segment 3- Nikki don't lose that number; Nikki Haley refuses responsibility for hacking attack. In a press conference today The Governor blames everyone but herself for allowing a hacking attack on state computer banks.

Segment 4- Great Mysteries; Marco Rubio, creationism and the future of our republic. When rising Republican star Marco Rubio says he's not "sure" how old Earth is, what are we to think of our future?

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