Saturday, September 1, 2012

Republicans Party in Tampa



Daisy takes a South Carolina Green look at the Republican Nominating Convention with special attention to the role played by her governor, Nikki Haley. Governor Haley pointed to her voter suppression efforts, which will disenfranchise between 175,000 and 200,000 South Carolinian, to thunderous applause. Daisy talks about the "Brown Washing" of the RNC with the placement of the Puerto Rican delegation in a prominent position with TV cameras rolling.

In the next segment Daisy, Gregg and Double A discuss Paul Ryan, his role as cheerleader for the TARP plan, other corporate and bank bail outs, and wonder aloud just how the TEA Party is "in control" of the Republican Party when they got two politicians who have supported so much the TEA Party opposed at the top of their ticket.

In the final segment Daisy discusses the Republican "We Built It" theme, and the group tosses in all sorts of Green Party, Congressional and Occupy news, including a Labor Day celebration Monday, September 3rd, 5 PM, at Piazza Bergamo, located at the corner of Coffee and Main Street in downtown Greenville, SC. As the curtain closes on the show Daisy gives a bit of a preview of the Democratic Nominating Convention. Tune in Saturday at 9 am locally on WFIS, 1600 am and 94.9 fm, or via the show website from anywhere on the globe at

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