Saturday, August 25, 2012

Roots of Republican Rape Definitions - 9:00 AM EST - Free myspace Profile Counter

"When Todd Akin said that women didn't get pregnant if they were "legitimately raped", Daisy knew she had heard this sort of insanity before. Using her vast knowledge of all things feminist she unearthed another Republican, this time in South Dakota, who has his own definition of "real rape". This ultimately leads Daisy to discuss Ayn Rand's rape scene in "The Fountainhead", and the way her self-first philosophy guides today's most extreme Republican leaders.

Daisy is joined by Gregg, who explains how the Green Party defines feminism, and Double A, who shares insights about Rand, Christianity and reminds us all that The Daisy Deadhead Show is THE place to go for the latest cultural news.

This program is hosted by Daisy Deadhead of Daisy's Dead Air blog and Gregg Jocoy of the South Carolina Green Party which sponsors the show.

The Daisy Deadhead Show is live from 9 to 10 AM EST. Tune in on your radio dial at 1600AM or 94.9FM if you live in the Fountain Inn, Simpsonville or Mauldin area. To get Twitter Text updates text: follow DeadheadShow to 40404.

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  1. Rape is a very volatile & dangerous subject for women and women's rights. However, as women we need to stand up and fight for women's rights in all areas of life. I have to wonder if Ayn Rand ever had an intimate relationship with a man, and if not, did she fantasize about being taken sexually by some fantasy lover. I see her as very sexually ignorant. She was attempting to gain the respect of her male peers, not necessarily considering womankind. Getting down to the root of the subject: Christian doctrine is against birth control, not only Catholic. No biblical believing Christian can be for birth control of any kind. One would have to read the bible from cover to cover in order to understand this. So what is this saying? If you're a bible believing Christian you cannot condone any form of birth control, including abortion, and still be a good or "saved" Christian. More than likely, most of the world's great religions don't condone birth control or abortion. So first of all, we have to look at how women have been controlled over the centuries. We have to understand how religion has played a primary role in keeping women mentally & spiritually subjective to men. It's easy to control women and their bodies once a woman is saturated by male oriented religious doctrine. It's another form of mind control and quite convincing. The bible states that we shall not kill or waste the seed. These pieces of scripture seem to be the foundation for the anti-abortion zealots. Never mind how many other murders our society commits in wars, malpractices and injustices. (Is terminating a sperm or a seed murder if taken before formation? Is it a thinking, feeling human being? This should be our questions.) A lot of people fear that abortion will lead to the killing of the elderly or those who are no longer productive members of society. This is a legitimate fear that most of us can understand. It's the slow and deliberate desensitizing of humanity. Even so, abortion is an issue for the individual woman and should be up to her whether or not she's able to support her pregnancy mentally, physically and financially. If this is a so-called sin then it should be hers alone. It's not for others to judge nor for us to interfere. Unless asked, we don't need to get involved. Many do not identify or believe in gods & religion and should not be judged according to its laws & doctrines by those who do. Is this Liberty? One has to understand that God's law and man's laws are different. As long as we're not infringing on someone else's life, rights, or breaking set laws, we should be able to conduct our own lives and make our own decisions. In the case of rape, the rapist should be punished for violating another person. It's assault & battery. It's a person forcing their will, frustrations & anger on a helpless victim. Rape crosses age & gender lines, but no one pays more dearly than a woman. If the roles were reversed, I don't think most men would enjoy having a child by violent (non-immaculate) conception. And to those people spewing right-to-life rhetoric, if a man got pregnant every time he had a promiscuous sexual encounter, I think he would change his stance very quickly. If you're in a secure and loving relationship it's easier to take the Pro-life stance. But if you're alone, poor, and have no caring family, it's not. Liberty is not about forcing our will on others. What is your reality? Ask yourselves, is our reality necessarily the reality of another. Right now we can see politicians, wolves in sheep's clothing, hiding behind religious rhetoric. Is God (whoever you think he is) smiling down on us? I think not.