Saturday, August 18, 2012

Assange, Ryan & Rand

Memories are our mental records of history. Photos can help us recall memories. In this week's episode of The Daisy Deadhead Show Daisy and Gregg talk about the importance of holding on to memories and photographs so we can create our own history. "Please put your photos and memories online." Daisy says.

Julian Assange is in the headlines again. The founder of Wikileaks was granted political asylum by Ecuador but not so fast. The British government is threatening to revoke Ecuador’s embassy status and take Assange by force.

Daisy exposes the basis of the political ideology of Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan. Ryan greatly admires Ayn Rand who was an author among other things and she thought selfishness was required for society to prosper and was the highest virture one could attain. An ardent atheist, Rand even went so far as to reject William F. Buckley's hand in friendship because he, like Ryan, was an avid Roman Catholic.

Finally they get into what would seem to be the final curtain in the battle to save the Mauldin open Air Market from the state DOT's plans to put in a turn lane where none is needed.

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