Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to reach out to GPATS members and help protect the Mauldin Open Air Market

On today's show we said we would place the addresses of all the members of GPATS on the show's website so you can contact the members if you wanted to do so. The hope is that some of you will write these people and ask them to oppose any SC DOT plans to take Joel Ann Chandler's land away from her. Joel Ann owns the Mauldin Open Air Market, a land mark business on one of the main roads leading to Mauldin.

There are three "paragraphs" below. The first if a list of links to forms you must use to contact our state legislators. Apparently they don't want you to contact them directly, so you'll have to do this one at a time. I suspect that is designed to keep from the "regular people" from bothering them.

The second is a list of the email contacts for other GPATS members. Simply copy this list, and paste it into your email's "addresses" space.

The last is the basic message we hope to get to GPATS members. Simply copy the paragraph below the list of addresses, paste it into the body of the legislative contact form or the body of your email, make any changes you want to make, and hit "send". To get more details on GPATS' plans for the Mauldin Open Air Market, click here. To read what Daisy has written about the situation, at her blog. All links will open in a new tab or page automatically.

Contact State Legislators by clicking each link.
Senator Ralph Anderson
Senator David L. Thomas
Senator Phillip W. Shoopman
Senator Danny Verdin
Senator Larry A. Martin
Representative Eric Bikas
Representative Dwight Loftis
Representative Phil Owens
Representative Joshua Putnam

This is a list of all other GPATS member e-mail addresses. Only voting members are included.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear GPATS Member,

I am writing you today to ask you to oppose any plans proposed by the Department of Transportation or GPATS staff which would put the Mauldin Open Air Market at risk by using eminent domain to seize Joel Ann Chandler's land for a proposed turn lane. The turn lane would serve a very limited purpose, while the entire community benefits from the Mauldin Open Air Market. A community land mark known far and wide, the market serves as a place where customer and producer meet, with Joel Ann and her staff as the perfect go-between. Please respect her property rights, and be wiser with our tax dollars. Leave her land exactly where it belongs, in her family.


A Voter

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