Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oregon Shooter ID'd. Mother/Daughter Porn ?

News topics for tonight's broadcast of Occupy The Microphone:

Oregon shooter identified as well as his victims. Police said 22 yr old Jacob Tyler Roberts shot himself and died from his wound in a press conference today. Local law enforcement credited training they had to address this exact situation prevented more deaths. Is this type of terrorism being all to common? Are lone wolf types with rifles shooting up public places more likely to strike than Al-Qeada? What are you more worried about?

A 22 yr old cited a poor economy as the reason she got into making porn movies and now she has recruited her mother who plan to make a film together in the same scene hoping to cash in. The two have actually had real life practice she boasts. Is there a moral decline in America or is this acceptable mother/daughter activity in the 21stCentury?

Fox News has renewed its anti “Ground-Zero Mosque” campaign in New Yorkagain recycling old material this time with Donald Trump offering to buy the space. Of course Trump is no stranger to controversy and why he is considered to be on the right wing lunatic fringe. Has your feelings changed since the last Fox campaign to stop the “Ground-Zero Mosque”?

North Koreanswere reportedly celebrating after launching a satellite into orbit. This technological achievement is being described as proactive by western media and the UN is said to be mulling over a response. The U.S. military just launched its own classified space mission said to involve an unmanned miniature space shuttle. Is that a provocative act and should North Koreabe placed under more sanctions?

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