Monday, December 3, 2012

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What do you need?
Gregg goes to court for a speeding ticket. Dressed well and behaving nice, he is asked how he wants to "handle this ticket." When Gregg explains that he wants to avoid losing his driving license, the prosecutor asks him "What do you need?"

Really Doctor Oz?
First he seems to be advocating a "gay conversion" scheme, and now he claims that we don't need to know what's in our food! "GMOs are GOOD for ya." he seems to be saying.

Fill 'em full o'lead.
The Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio and the Police Chief held a press conference today about the shooting of two unarmed citizens who were killed in a hail of gun fire with 13 cops firing at and into the vehicle 137 times.

Where have all the white men gone?
We haven't had a white man as Secretary of State since 1997. Now President Obama is said to be preparing to nominate Susan Rice to be Sec of State. The SoS will decide whether the Trans-Canada pipeline will be built. Shouldn't that be decided by old white men?

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