Friday, January 4, 2013

Drug Addicts vs. Rapists

Potheads vs. Rapists
Detroit prosecutors stumble across warehouse full of unprocessed rape kits and sadly this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many State crime labs have a backlog of unprocessed rape kits because they lack funds and manpower. With all we are spending as a nation on the drug war and locking up drug addicts, who would you rather see loose on the street, potheads or rapists?

Hagel likely to be appointed Sec of Defense
Chuck Hagel is a libertarian leaning Republican, decorated vetreran of Viet Nam, with a less than spotless record. He criticized the Bush Administration on several issues, including American gaining a bad reputation world wide because of Guantanamo Bay. Although he supported Obamas NDAA, he denounced pro-Israel lobbyist and stated he was a representative of the US, not Israel.

Hobby Lobby Day
Mike Huckabee declared Jan 5 to be Hobby Lobby Day because they have been defiant concerning implementation of Obamacare. When corporations flex political muscle, does it hurt them? Huckabee did this for Hobby Lobby because they are being scoffed at by many Americans who are pro-Obamacare. We saw a similar action to bail out Chick-fil-a because of their support of hate groups and anti-gay terrorist overseas. Is this Republican contrived depiction that 'we are the party of Christian values' driving a wedge between people of faith and the secular population?

LukeWarm Liberals
Many Democrats claim to be liberal, but don't want to be seen as overly zealous or too left-leaning. Can you really organize a rally or tribute to Treyvon Martin without focusing in on the broader issue of racism? Can you spotlight this case while standing silent about a pattern that has long been repeated in America?

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