Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mass shooting maps, Gun bans, suicides and supressed petitions

 9:00PM EST

Mother Jones sets up an interactive map of mass shootings in the United States. Back in 1997 four people were killed in a mass murder in Aiken South Carolina, so this hits close to home for us.

The governor of New York has signed new gun control laws, and Obama is suggesting that he may be looking for something he can do without congressional approval. Will the courts reject these new laws or uphold their liberal interpretation of the 2nd amendment passed only a few years ago?

One governor not inclined to pass gun control laws is Arizona governor Jan Brewer, even though six people including a child were gunned down in Tuscon more than a year ago. That doesn't mean she's not looking for some sweet sweet Federal Government Healthcare Dollars.

Aaron Swartz was harassed and hounded to death by the federal intelligence services  killing himself by hanging last week. The prosecutor in his case was involved in another prosecution leading to suicide.

Finally, does the White House suppress petitions it doesn't like?
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