Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our top stories of 2012


Join us at 8:30pm est for our first broadcast of 2013 as we review our top four news stories or issues of 2012.

Of course The Occupy Movement was big as Daisy, Gregg and Alex all took part in the Occupy Movement. Gregg has a pending court case because of activities related to the Occupy Greenville movement.

In 2012 we saw the re-election of President Obama in a heated and expensive campaign against Mitt Romney that produced some memorable moments like Romney's comments about the 40% of American's he claimed do not pay any taxes and were looking for handouts from President Obama.

There were a number of high profile cases of violence from Trayvon Martin to the Sandy Hook massacre of little children. These cases have provoked debate on Stand Your Ground Laws and Gun Control.

And our last story is about false economies which involved bank bail outs, fiscal cliffs and tax debates.

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