Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maryland AG says not his job to stop underage drinking

This week we reported on teen Erin Cox punished for stopping another underage teen from drinking and driving and now a photograph has surfaced of Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler standing in the middle of a teen party in Delaware where underage drinking was occurring. In deflecting critics that he did not do anything, Gansler said, "My responsibility is only to my child. … Everybody has their own moral compass. Mine is to raise my own child."

In other news, radioactive water spills in South Carolina and doors to nuclear weapon silos were left open while one of the soldiers with his finger on the trigger slept. In both cases we are told everything turned out OK. Is that true? Join us today Live at Five on Occupy the Microphone!

Special guest Yolanda Johnson and Mary Olson of NIRS joins us today!

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