Friday, October 11, 2013

Standing Your Ground in SC now covers killing bystanders

Has the Boeing Dreamliner turned into a nightmare for South Carolina? Seduced into locating in South Carolina by low taxes and government giveaways, the new plane continues to have serious problems and now the man behind the Dreamliner has resigned. The plant was temporarily shutdown because of the government shutdown but after “key” FCC personnel were called back to the job, the plant has resumed work.

A Columbia, South Carolina man who shot and killed an unarmed teen escaped prosecution and given immunity under the state’s "Stand Your Ground" law. In 2010, 17 yr-old Darrell Niles was shot and killed while travelling in his vehicle by Shannon Scott. Scott claimed that he afraid for his life after several women followed his 15 yr-old daughter from a nightclub and allegedly fired shots at the Scott family home from the SUV they were travelling in. Niles was travelling in a separate vehicle and not involved in the alleged attack by the women after Scott’s daughter. Circuit Judge Maite Murphy ruled this week that Scott be granted immunity because “When the defendant fired the shot, he reasonably believed he was being attacked with deadly force directed at his home,”.

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