Monday, October 28, 2013

Standing up to NSA surveillance programs

"By the end of World War II the United States had created a world wide network of spies to fight Communism. When the 9-11 attacks happened, Congress passed new laws, which led to the surveillance of most of the people on Earth. Like other whistle blowers have done for decades, Jeremy Hammond stood up and objected. Now he faces years behind bars for his actions.

Over the weekend, an estimated 5,000 people assembled in Washington, DC and demanded an end to the U.S. National Security Agency's mass surveillance programs. Chants of "stop spying, stop lying" and "hey, ho, mass surveillance has got to go," where heard as the large crowds marched through the nation’s capital. Members of the groups Fight for the Future and Restore the Fourth delivered a petition with more than 575,000 signatures, which called on Congress to investigate the NSA surveillance programs. The signatures were delivered to Representative Justin Amash, a Michigan Republican and an outspoken critic of the NSA surveillance programs.

Guest: Sue Crabtree, a member of the Jeremy Hammond Solidarity Network.

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