Thursday, October 10, 2013

Raleigh Police spied on NC NAACP Moral Monday planning

The Raleigh Police Department sent undercover officers to spy on the planning meetings of the North Carolina NAACP, which has been leading protests over laws passed by Republicans in the state, which they say, is damaging to public education, working class people and voting rights. Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown confirmed that her department did indeed send one undercover officer to two different Moral Monday meetings held at the Davie Street Presbyterian Church on May 6 and May 13.

Spying on groups engaged in political action harkens back to the days of COINTELPRO where the FBI and local police employed undercover spies to infiltrate organizations to squash political dissent.

"The purpose of the officer’s presence was to determine how many people were expecting to be arrested to allow the department to gauge the sufficiency of the logistical support, such as transport vehicles, available at the Legislative Building," Police Chief Deck-Brown said.

Reporter Kevin Gosztola will tell us about spies in the pulpit today on Occupy the Microphone.

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