Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BMW and Dollar General discriminating against Black workers


Today's show, Marie Wilmot, mother of Kiera Wilmot, the Florida girl who was arrested after an unauthorized experiment with household chemicals led to a soda bottle top being blown off the bottle, will join us to talk about her daughters, the way the system reacted to her honor-roll daughter afterward, and what is in the future for her daughters and herself.

BMW faces an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against black employees and job applicants. The suit claims that the company's use of criminal background checks to screen out job applicants or fire employees discriminates against African-Americans, who have higher arrest and conviction rates than whites do do. The EEOC also moved against Tennessee based Dollar General for the same policy and the suit against the company was filed in Illinois.

Finally, we will be joined by Mary Olson of the Nuclear Information Resource Service to get the latest in nuclear news from across the nation. Plans to locate even more dangerous nuclear waste on the Georgia/South Carolina border should concern all of us, even if you're not in the area, as the nuclear waste will have to be transported across the nation, even on Interstate and state highways, to get it to the proposed waste dump.

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