Monday, June 24, 2013

Is a free and independent press an illusion in America?


The Federal Reserve has been "buying" bonds from banks to the tune of 80 Billion dollars a month for some time. Known as "Quantitative Easing" it increases the amount of cash available to the market. Now the Federal Reserve is tapering off this program, and some believe that this is exactly the wrong time to be reducing the flow of cash into the economy.

As we've discussed on Occupy the Microphone recently, the Obama administration is apparently preparing to get us deeply involved in the Syrian civil war. Now we find that US troops are scheduled to serve in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Are we headed towards WWIII? Is that what the "Global War on Terror" has become, a war between nations across the planet? Are there any meaningful limits the political and military 1% place on themselves?

Of course, Edward Snowden has been on the road, flying from Haiwaii to Hong Kong, and now he has reportedly flown to Moscow. It's said that he will fly to Cuba and then on to Equador, which has granted assylum to Julian Assange in London. The US has suspended Snowden's passport and leaders from both political parties are saying Snowden should "face the music", which might include torture and a possible death penalty.

Finally, journalist Michael Hastings, who recently died in a fiery crash sent a text message to friends and colleagues hours before his death saying the FBI was interviewing his friends, and Hastings would have to "go off the radar". Has being a journalist become a dangerous proposition?

Are the threats implied by David Gregory in his questioning of Glen Greenwald an example of those risks? Is Assange paying the price for not being part of the "real journalism" world and will Greenwald be in the same boat? This and more on today's episode of Occupy The Microphone.

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  1. Sounds like a another rousing show. I definitely will try to listen.

    Please remind the listeners about the public hearing tonight about Duke Energy's 15% rate hike request. 6:00pm, Greenville County Council Chambers at County Square on University Ridge.