Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is a journalist and SCOTUS guts Voting Rights Act


The South Carolina Public Service Commission held a hearing yesterday to hear comments from the Greenville community about the latest proposed utility rate hike by Duke Energy. Daisy Deadhead wrote about the hearing on her blog Daisy’s Dead Air and will share her thoughts about what she observed on today’s show.

What is a journalist? That is a question that was sparked when NBC News' Sunday morning talk show host for Meet the Press, David Gregory asked Glen Greenwald if he should be charged with a crime for “aiding and abetting” Edward Snowden’s movements. After Greenwald ripped into Gregory for insinuating that, he had aided and abetted Snowden and that a “journalist” should not be aiding and abetting those who have created a hostile environment for investigative journalism, Gregory said that Greenwald's credentials as a journalist might be subject to scrutiny.

Now another corporate media mouthpiece for NBC has gone after Greenwald. MSNBC's Joy Reid is questioning the Snowden/Greenwald timeline in an attempt to prove that Greenwald is an accomplice to a crime and not simply an investigative journalist who broke one the biggest news stories of the year and a possible candidate for a Pulitzer Prize in journalism. Continuing with the question about what is or who is a journalist, The New York Times has issued a correction for calling Alexa O'Brien, who was a guest on Occupy The Microphone last week, an "activist" and not a journalist in an article it published about Wikileaks.

The United States Supreme Court recently ruled 5 to 4 that states targeted by the Voting Rights Act no longer need pre-clearance from the US Department of Justice when making changes to their voting and election law. Chief Justice Roberts wrote that the rules were both unconstitutional and outdated. Attorney General Holder has said that the Department of Justice will fight any state Republican Party efforts to rig the Electoral College.

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