Thursday, June 13, 2013

Obama administration enabling rapists and pedophile US Ambassadors?


Today we will be joined by Rev. Billy of The Church of Stop Shopping. The Church of Stop Shopping is an activist performance group based in New York City, led by Reverend Billy, the stage name of Bill Talen. Using the form of a revival meeting, on sidewalks and in chain stores.

Is the South Carolina DMV going too far with its proposal to require electronic license plates to make it easier for law enforcement to spot expired tags, out of date registrations and when a person's driver license has been suspended? There is even mention of allowing the plates to flash Amber Alerts. Is this Big Brother gone to far or a scheme to generate extra funds for the state or is it a good idea?

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham stated this week on Fox & Friends that the Obama administration “empowers men who want to abuse women” by complying with a court order to allow over-the-counter emergency contraception sales to women and girls of any age. Speaking of Conservatives, Ann Coulter is taking the Republican Party to task for supporting an immigration reform bill that she says if passed, the Republican Party deserves to die. She said the called Fox News host Sean Hannity is like a liberal posing silly questions about her opposition to the bill. 

Hillary Clinton is taking heat again for her alleged mismanagement of the State Department after an internal memo from the department's Office of the Inspector General obtained by CNN alleges Senior State Department and Diplomatic Security officials may have covered up or stopped investigations of inappropriate or even criminal misconduct by staff. Among the allegations is that an active U.S. ambassador "routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children," the memo says. The ambassador's protective detail and others "were well aware of the behavior,"

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