Friday, June 14, 2013

Hillary Clinton denies knowledge of scandals rocking the State Dept

New revelations emerge from another US Government whistle-blower about scandals at the State Dept involving the cover up of alleged acts of child sex solicitation, soliciting prostitutes, drug dealing and sexual misconduct by employees and private security contractors working for the State Department in Iraq. The name of the active US Ambassador accused of soliciting children and prostitutes for sex has not been revealed even though corporate news reports say the accused denies the allegations. Hillary Clinton through a spokesperson has denied any knowledge of anything revealed in the leaked Inspector General’s memo. Whistle-blower Aurelia Fedenisn has not yet been charged with leaking information but that remains a possibility and would be par for course considering how both the Obama and previous Bush administrations have gone after whistle blowers.

The Obama administration has said it will start supplying military aid to Syrian rebels who are attempting to overthrow the government led by President Bashir Assad. After months of saying the use of chemical weapons by the Assad government forces would be a game changer, the White House is citing chemical weapons use as the reason for its recent decision to arm the rebels. Previous reports about chemical weapons use pointed to Syrian rebels after a UN investigation but the UN walked backed the claims claiming there was “strong suspicion” the rebels used sarin gas. Russian authorities say that they have seen the latest evidence the US is touting and calling it weak. The UN Secretary General is opposing the arming of the Syrian rebels saying the region does not need more militarization.

Hackers associated with the group Anonymous have attacked the NSA website and leaked information on 400 of its employees. The group’s latest activities were initiated after Edward Snowden revealed information that the NSA was spying on millions of Americans trolling their electronic communications information. The group also sought to overwhelm the Prism system by sending out a large among of emails with “terror-related” keywords. A website called released the following presser, “If millions of us, all at the same exact time, call or email someone with our keywords-of-terror-filled script, we can give our nation’s impressive surveillance apparatus the kind of test it deserves. They say they don’t read or listen to the contents of our messages. Why not test it out? It’ll be fun.”

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