Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Figuring out Chris Dorner

8:30PM EST


Tonight on The Not Too Late Show we'll take a look back at thew past few weeks news, and wrap up some loose ends. Was Christopher Dorner a cop out to change a corrupt system, or only concerned with his personal reputation?

The Pope, we now know, has in fact scheduled an appointment with the President of Italy, and it's said that staying inside Vatican City will protect him from prosecution.

Now that the constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United has sponsors, will it make a difference?

Then, with tens of thousands marching in Washington DC to stop the Keystone pipeline, is there any reason to believe it will have had an effect.

Finally, when the richest man in the world buys the corporation which has made the future Secretary of State wealthy beyond most people's imagination, is there reason to be concerned. After all, it's the Sec. of State who decides on the Keystone pipeline, and Warren Buffett has a lot of cash tied up in the energy business, and John Kerry's wife is the heir to the Heinz fortune.

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