Monday, February 18, 2013

UN investigators want Syrians prosecuted for War Crimes

UN investigators says persons they have identified in Syria are suspected war criminals and the should be tried by the International Criminal Court but Syria has something in common with the United States when it comes to the ICC, neither are signatories to the Rome Statute that established the court. In your opinion  is the ICC a credible court and is the UN biased when it comes to calling out countries and people for war crimes?

Sunday thousands of environmentalist turned out for a protest in Washington, DC to demand the US Govt block the Keystone Oil Pipeline project which has several investors in high positions in government. Organizers say that 40,000 people from 30 states turned out to the event.

Is the United Arab Emirates trying to buy a new image? The UAE has been writing checks to US non-profits and providing funding for rebuilding in disaster stricken areas the USA. According to news reports, "When public schools in Joplin accepted $1.5 million worth of donations, some conservative radio commentators and Joplin residents accused the school system of accepting “Islamic blood money”.

Lastly we will cover some of the local news in South Carolina which has a number of events coming up including a film and Occupy Spartanburg has a general assembly coming up.

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