Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keystone Pipeline Protest


1:00PM EST

Today on Occupy the Microphone we'll be discussing Governor Nikki Haley being named as the "woman" in a divorce lawsuit.   The weekend's anti-pipeline protests in Greenville and Washington DC. We'll also talk about what's going on with Occupy Greenville and Occupy Spartanburg as they hold a General Assembly this week in Spartanburg, and kick off a film series in Greenville.

We'll discuss immunity for criminals of all sorts at the top of the heap, and ask why some, like the founder of Mega-Upload, get imprisoned while others, like Google, get a pass for doing pretty much the same thing.

That, and a whole lot more...including a MAJOR announcement, so you'll certainly want to tune in to Occupy the Microphone today at 1 PM on 103.3 Spin FM if you're in the Upstate.

. Oh! You better have a pencil and paper handy too, as we just might give out some details you'll want to write down.

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