Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obama a puppet master?

Politico has an article discussing media manipulation by the Obama adminstration and how it is not relying on "mainstream media" to get its message out but instead using social networks and other means of electronic communications to shape public conversation around issues. Is the Obama administration doing anything differently than previous administrations and do you see a problem with government bypassing the mainstream media?

A poll shows Hillary Clinton in a dead heat with Governor Chris Christie in a potential 2016 showdown for the race for the White House. Is it too early to be asking these question when we are not even half way through President Obama's second term. Should Hillary Clinton hang it up and retire to private life?

Russia Today reports, "Poland will clear its former intelligence head of charges he knew about and permitted the CIA to run a secret prison on Polish soil to detain and torture Al-Qaeda suspects, according to a local newspaper." To this date very few people have been held accountable for the widely known torture schemes run by the United States and its allies.

TMZ is reporting that photos of the charred and dismembered body of Chris Dorner are for sale and that they turned down a chance to purchase and publish the photos. Who would have access to the body to take such photos and should their be an investigation to determine who is behind this gruesome photo shopping?

Lastly, an Israeli soldier has been posting inappropriate photos to his Instagram account. Mor Ostrovski first sparked outrage when he posted a photo of a child being targeted by a sniper rifle and now he has posted new photos of himself posing with an assault rifle accompanied by a racist rant against Arabs.

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