Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope Abdicates


Tonight on The Not Too Late Show we will discuss the Pope's resignation. Why is he resigning? Who will they choose to replace him? Does it matter to non-Roman Catholics?

Then, has the 1% found a way to use Occupy to make money? DC Comics, with such super-heroes as Superman, Wonder-woman and Batman in their stable, is looking to turn Occupy into super heroes of their own. Is this a good thing, or is Occupy being used?

Next, Move to Amend has announced that two members of Congress, US Rep. Rick Nolan of MN and US Rep. Mark Pocan of WI, have introduced a proposed amendment to the US Constitution which would strip corporations of the rights of a person, and would declare that money is not free speech. If passed, what would this do to our political system?

Finally, if there is enough time, we'll get into the post office. Is it going broke? If it is, why is it going broke? Why are they cutting Saturday service? Will it effect you? Do you care?

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