Friday, March 1, 2013

Captain Ray "Occupy" Lewis, hiding global warming and corruption

If you are in Spartanburg, SC join us on the drive time at five on 105.7FM & 910AM and tune into Occupy The Microphone!

Coming up on Occupy The Microphone today, South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources has issued a report on the effects of global warming on South Carolina, and then buried it hoping no one would find out about it, but we did, and so will you if you tune in.

Then, Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell is in hot water for allegedly using campaign contributions for his personal benefit and for pressuring state regulators to take steps which would allow his pharmacy business to move into your local hospitals.

Finally, we will be joined by Captain Ray "Occupy" Lewis. A retired Philadelphia police captain, Lewis was arrested at Occupy Wall Street and has spoken out against the Keystone pipeline.

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