Thursday, March 21, 2013

President Obama visits Israel and the West Bank

Today on Occupy The Microphone, join Daisy, Gorgeous Gregg and Double A as they discuss some of today's news headlines and South Carolina issues.

South Carolina Senator Tom Davis has sponsored the Liberty Preservation Act to nullify the National Defense Authorization which authorizes the federal government to label citizens terrorists or threats to national security and lock them up indefinitely without due process. The measure passed the SC Senate along partisan lines with Republicans voting for and Democrats voting against.

President Obama is visiting abroad with Israel and the West Bank and stated that Palestinians have a right to their own state and that both sides must set aside preconditions and come back to the peace table.

China's smog problems are reportedly effecting the rest of the world and officials say they will work to curb emissions citing social unrest in the world's most populous nation.

Cyprus economic problems have reached crises levels, can they avert worsening the economic disaster facing the nation?

A South Carolina lawmaker is threatening to file an ethics complaint after a syndicated columnist was flown in using the state plane to testify on behalf of nullifying the new federal healthcare overhaul.
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