Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fertilized Eggs are People too?

5:00PM EST
Today on Occupy the Microphone, Gregg and Double A take on abortion rights. While the South Carolina legislature considers a new law, which would declare a fertilized egg a "person" and Arkansas' legislature overrides the governor's veto of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws, a federal judge rules an Idaho law unconstitutional. Laws restricting abortion rights are under consideration in Kansas, Texas and Alabama. Are these state level efforts targeted at actually making abortion illegal or is this just another effort to turn our attention away from other more pressing issues and raise money for politicians from abortion foes?

Then, Rand Paul filibusters for 12 hours against the appointment of John Brennan to head the CIA, we ask if this is a principled stand, or grand standing by Senator Paul? Will this be good for the Republicans? For Democrats? For the nation and the Constitution?

Daisy Deadhead will offer up her commentary, and we will be joined by Pat LaMarche. Pat is just back from her "Babes of Wrath" tour with homeless advocate Diane Nilan. LaMarche is a columnist for the Huffington Post as well as other outlets. She was also the Green Party Vice-Presidential nominee in 2004.

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