Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What the frack? More nukes?

5:00PM EST

As the entire planet seems to be running around looking for new sources of energy, Japan seems to have stumbled upon a big source of methane. Is this a good deal? Only a few years back the Sierra Club was ">pushing natural gas, but now not so much. Is there an upside to natural gas?

Gorgeous Gregg and Double A will be joined by Starr Hammond of Southern Starr Promotions to talk about the importance of local businesses and women owned business in particular. One risk some businesses face is employee fraud. What steps can a small business person take to protect herself from this financial loss?

Just after the second anniversary of the melt down at Fukushima, we'll revisit that case, as well as discuss nuclear power in general.

And of course, Daisy Deadhead!
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