Friday, May 31, 2013

African-American Confederate Democrat resigns SC Senate seat


Today Eric Wood will join us in studio as a guest host and remind us of the upcoming “Rides for Strides” charity benefit for STRIDES, a Christian nonprofit educational program that provides individual academic instruction to youth who are having academic difficulties. Traci Young Fant will join us to discuss a couple of upcoming South Carolina events. The 2nd Annual Multicultural Festival and the "Out of Bondage" event.

Reporting breaking news this week in South Carolina, we jump from a “Cuban Confederate” resigning from Governor Haley’s steering committee to a Confederate Flag waving African-American State Senator resigning his seat in the wake of an ethics violation investigation. Senator Robert Ford, a Charleston Democrat is resigning after an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee uncovered purchases from adult entertainment establishments using campaign funds. Senator Ford admitted to making the purchases as gag gifts for campaign volunteers who would not accept cash. Another purchase using a campaign credit card was for male enhancement pills not approved by the FDA.

Ford has stirred up controversy in the past with anti-Black comments in which he stated “brothers” do not work as hard as “Mexicans.” In a pro immigration argument, Ford argued that South Carolina needs immigrants to fill hard labor jobs because Black Americans will not do the work.

A photo has surfaced showing Senator John McCain on his secret trip to the Syrian border via Turkey posing with a Syrian rebel identified as Mohammad Nour. Nour is said to be the chief spokesperson and photographer for the Northern Storm brigade that kidnapped 11 Lebanese Shi'ite pilgrims last year. Numerous polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans do not think the US should engage itself in the Syrian civil war.

Despite the Mainstream Media helping the Obama administration to misinform the American public that the US is not sending weapons to the Syria opposition but other forms of aid, a Business Insider report in December 2012 says the Obama administration has been covertly sending heavy weapons to Syrian rebels from Libya through the CIA.

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