Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feminists at "Law and Disorder" conference attacked by Trans activists for selling books

There is an ideological feud brewing between "radical feminist" and transsexual activist. Daisy writes that there is an "ongoing ideological brawl/feud between radical feminists (whom the Trans call 'radscum') and the trans activists, whom the radical feminists will not call by their chosen genders. This feud has been personally bothering me for years (decades) and getting worse, as there are now many more visible trans people than ever and they are becoming more politically active and 'out'--we now see the whole trans politics thing as becoming an article of faith."

Representative Steve Cohen (D -Tennessee) made headlines for calling out the Obama administration on its continued prosecution of the Drug War and pointed out to AG Eric Holder that since the crack cocaine sentencing reduction, the thousands who are incarcerated under old drug laws have not had their sentences commuted by President Obama. In related news, Green Party 2012 presidential candidate Jill Stein called on the Obama administration to read a report by the Green Shadow Cabinet Justice Branch titled "“The Voters of Colorado and Washington Provide a Path to End the War-on-Marijuana Quagmire.”

In recent days news broke that the Justice Department had secretly obtain the cell phone records of AP writers and editors which had critics making comparisons to the Nixon Watergate scandal. On a radio show yesterday, Congressman Devin Nunes (R-California) said that he was sure that the DOJ seized the phone records of the US House of Representatives’ Cloak Room. According to Wikipedia, "The United States Congress' cloakrooms are how the parties interact with the member of Congress while they are on the floor, and are used by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The cloakrooms serve as a place for members to socialize, eat, and take naps without leaving the building. These rooms are closed to all except for Senators and Representatives, and a few of their trusted staffers, and even have their own phone numbers."

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