Monday, May 20, 2013

Sex, Drugs & Mad Men


Mad Men on AMC, probably the most award winning TV show of all time, recently took a dark turn in its chronicle of beleaguered Don Draper, a Gatsby-esque character who rose from being a prostitute's poor son to being a Madison Avenue millionaire. Don recently got into some B and D action with a neighbor's wife and then last night, got a (legal) shot of speed, as so many in that area of the country did in the 60s. However, the mainstream critics seem left in the dust and they do not 'get' any of this. What does it mean when the critics are out of touch with a mainstream of the USA and do not share the personal experiences and history of the 99%? Can they cover news properly, in that case?

Meanwhile, President Obama has appointed Penny Pritzker to head up the Commerce Department, bringing on attacks from organized labor and others. The Pritzker family is accused of making over a billion dollars in banking and other pursuits, including government sponsored, taxpayer-funded bailouts.

Finally, our own Senator Lindsey Graham is cheering on an Endless War on Terrorism as the Pentagon brass testify that they already have all the congressional approval they need to launch strikes pretty much anywhere they choose.

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