Thursday, May 30, 2013

Don't be silenced by Domestic Violence

5:00PM EST

We welcome Amelia Pena back on the program today to discuss domestic criminal violence. She is a former victim of domestic violence and works locally to address the issue.

The war on the poor will last at least another 10 years if tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans are kept in place according to new CBO stu
dy. While Congressional members work to pass a farm bill that will deny even more people food assistance, a new study shows that over the next ten years, the wealthy will get 12 trillion dollars worth of tax breaks. In 2013, the top 20 percent of US income earners will receive more than half of the $900 billion in tax break benefits while 17 percent of total benefits will go to the top one percent of income earners.

After more than three years, a former Detroit police officer will go on trial for shooting and killing 7 yr-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones. The child was asleep on the couch when a botched police raid led to her being set on fire by a flash bang grenade thrown through the window and then shot through the top of her head by Officer Joseph Weekley who came crashing through the front door. Weekley was a member of the Detroit Police Special Response Team looking for the child's father in connection to his alleged involvement in supplying a weapon to someone who killed a teenager a week or so before the raid.

However, the police raided the wrong apartment of the two-family flat and the person they were looking for lived in the upper unit as was stated on the warrant. The A&E TV film crew taping for a show called “The First 48” captured the incident on film. Weekley attempted to blame the child's grandmother for grabbing his weapon causing it to discharge but that was letter proven to be false by gun powder residue testing.

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