Thursday, May 2, 2013

School to Prison pipeline evident in Florida student's arrest?


Today the Occupy The Microphone crew will be joined by guest hosts Jim Heenehan, former student body president at USC Upstate and human rights activist and broadcaster Efia Nwangaza.

Youth advocate Larry Lazarre-White of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol appeared on a MSNBC last night lamenting the recent arrest of 16 yr-old student Kiera Wilmot for what is being called a failed experiment for a science project. The student was sitting outside by a lake on school campus when she foolishly mixed household chemicals in a small water bottle that caused a small firecracker like explosions that produced smoke. The school principle who investigated the incident said there was no malicious intent involved and that Kiera had never been in trouble before. Mr. Lazarre-White said that the student's arrest on felony charges and the intent to try her as an adult represents the school to prison pipeline in America.

We have discussed on a past program the damage caused by US government funded humanitarian organizations being used as tools by US intelligence services. The issue has arisen again with the Bolivian President Evo Morales stating that he is expelling the U.S. Agency for International Development for allegedly meddling and conspiring against the government and people of Bolivia.

Former Governor and would be President hopeful Mitt Romney told students in a commencement speech at Southern Virginia University, a large Mormon school to "Get married, have a quiver full of kids if you can." Many students from the school had volunteered for Romney's presidential campaign.

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