Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mainstream media ignores tragic police shooting of Amos G. Smith


Amos G. Smith, a 26 yr old whom by all accounts was an upstanding member of the community and an aspiring business owner, was shot and killed by two Union City police officers on March 2, 2013 in California. It is alleged that Mr. Smith pointed a weapon at the officers who then fired on the young man hitting him eight times in the back of the head according to his mother. There are no mainstream corporate media reports on this story on record. The attorney for the Smith family and the pastor of Smith’s church are stating that the police, who are investigating, need to be more forthcoming with information and details surrounding this tragic incident. The Alameda County District Attorney is conducting a separate investigation into the shooting.

Eleven American Indian tribes reportedly stormed out of a meeting with federal officials over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. There was a massive oil spill from a similar pipeline in Arkansas this year and the Pegasus oil pipeline leaked again in Ripley County, Missouri flooding a residential home. Although the Keystone XL pipeline is not supposed to go through American Indian lands, they are still concerned that their lands will be impacted due to close proximity. The tribal leaders walked out of the meeting with State Department representatives because they said they will not meet with low-level underlings and will only meet with President Obama.

It is being reported that in 2012 alone, over 85 thousand US military veterans sought assistance for sexual abuse trauma from rapes that occurred while they were on active duty. Congress has only begun to address the long standing issue of soldiers raping soldiers. However, this recent report also brings up a related issue and that is rape is not a gender specific issue as females are often portrayed by the media to be the only victims. While they make up the majority of the 85 thousand victims who reported their trauma, 40% of the victims were male. The Department of Veterans Affairs says that one in five women and one in one hundred men screen positive for military sexual trauma, but few are seeking treatment. That means the actual number of sexual assault victims in the US military could be much higher.

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