Thursday, August 8, 2013

ATF accused of plotting drug related crimes to entrap over 1,000

Guest: Local entrepreneur Carolyn Bourassa joins us today to discuss Natural Choice Apothecary. Ulrich and Carolyn are the brains and brawn behind The Natural Choice Apothecary. They are a crunchy, vegan, hippie family that makes an assortment of organic bath & body products. They are also involved with a local domestic abuse shelters and want to tell you how you can help them "Pay It Forward" with their fundraising efforts.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives which is supposed to be enforcing the nation's gun laws is being accused of enticing over 1,000 individuals to commit drug related crimes with promises of a huge payoff. Undercover agents seek out individuals with prior low-level criminal convictions and entice them to participate in plots to rob non-existence drug houses. Some prosecutors have refused to participate in these operations and judges state the expensive sting operations border on entrapment and have resulted in several suspects being killed.

The Kurds in Syria have tried to stay out of the war, but Al Qaeda seems determined to punish them and force them to get involved. Al Qaeda is said to bombing entire Kurdish villages, men, women and children. US allies, the Turks are more than likely thrilled to see genocide practiced against the Kurds. Al Qaeda weapons are being supplied by the Syria opposition who in turn are being supplied by the US and Europe. How can we support the opposition while simultaneously demanding justice for Kurds?

JP Morgan Chase is facing criminal and civil investigations related to allegations that they defrauded investors with shoddy mortgage securities. The United States attorney’s office for the Eastern District of California has “preliminary concluded” that JPMorgan Chase flouted federal laws with its sale of sub-prime mortgage securities from 2005 to 2007. Skeptics doubt if the bank, like many other banks, will face true justice. Other investigations have not resulted in any prosecutions of bank officers and one commentator says these "criminal investigations" will amount to nothing more than insignificant punishments and petty fines will be levied after no-contest pleas have been negotiated to protect the guilty. If the federal regulators were serious, top-level individuals would have already been prosecuted, finance monopolies would have been broken up and Congress would have already reinstated Glass-Steagle.

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