Friday, August 16, 2013

Second Cherokee child brought to South Carolina for a "quickee" adoption


The custody battle over the Cherokee child dubbed Baby Veronica is far from over. The Governor of Oklahoma where the biological father is a resident has refused to extradite Dusten Brown to South Carolina to face criminal charges for keeping his daughter from Melanie and Matt Capobianco of James Island, S.C., the white couple that adopted her with assistance from the South Carolina Supreme Court. A Cherokee Nation court awarded custody to the biological father.

A similar drama could be in the making as Indian Country Today is reporting that another Indian child from Oklahoma has been "illegally placed for adoption" in South Carolina. Raymond W. Godwin a Greenville, South Carolina-based attorney representing the Capobianco is also representing the couple trying to adopt the second child.

The City of Richmond in California is contemplating using eminent domain to save homes for families and is being threatened by the Federal Housing Finance Agency if they do so by cutting the city off from mortgages. Cornell Law professor Robert C. Hockett says the federal agency is acting outside its authority by threatening such action.

Politico is reporting, “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called a report that the National Security Agency broke privacy rules thousands of times “extremely disturbing” on Friday, saying actions must be taken.” This report follows reports that the NSA was illegally sharing data with the DEA and IRS to target Americans for alleged actions that have nothing to do with national security or terrorism.

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