Monday, August 12, 2013

President says the GOP has a "Ideological Fixation" with the Affordable Care Act


Republicans are still fighting old battles and are threatening to shut down the federal government just to defund so-called "Obamacare". The President recently took them to task for having an "Ideological Fixation" on defunding the Affordable Care Act.

With the US government stepping up its drone attacks on suspected Al Qaeda members in Yemen, Ron Paul asked the question on whether or not the United States is creating more militants than they are killing. He also said the "U.S. is sending mixed signals by attacking al-Qaeda in Yemen while supporting al-Qaeda linked rebels fighting in Syria."

Attorney General Eric Holder said the US Justice Department is altering its drug war policy and pushing the removal of mandatory sentences in drug cases. However, some critics say that reducing the amount of time that non-violent so-called drug offenders spend in prison does nothing to slow down the rate of mass incarceration and that an end of drug prohibition is the only logical solution. Last year, members of the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition delivered a letter to AG Eric Holder urging the Obama administration to respect state laws that legalize and regulate marijuana.

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