Tuesday, August 13, 2013

North Carolina sued over new Voter ID law


151 people were arrested yesterday in the continuing Moral Monday protests being held in North Carolina. The North Carolina NAACP has been leading the way in collaboration with other groups in organizing weekly protests, which continue to pick up steam against the Republican dominated legislature’s draconian policies. This week, Governor Patrick McCrory signed a Voter ID bill into law that has been described as the worst in the nation for which the state has now been sued over.

Former attorney and social activist Lynne Stewart’s appeal for compassionate release was denied last week by Manhattan Federal Judge John Koeltl who said that further imprisonment while suffering from metastatic cancer did not rise to the level of cruel and unusual punishment. Lynne Stewart is 73 years old, and, according to the people who know her, she's being eaten alive by breast cancer. Her husband Ralph Poynter will be calling in to the program.

Now that the NYPD’s controversial Stop & Frisk policy has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, observers say that the man tasked with overseeing revisions has a difficult task ahead.

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