Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bankruptcy: First They Came for Detroit


U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes dealt what is considered back-to-back wins for city of Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr following a two-hour hearing at a packed courthouse. A lot is at stake in Detroit and workers and retirees are fighting to keep their pensions. The rulings issued by Judge Rhodes are said to allow the bankruptcy to proceed without being bogged down in lawsuits in state courts.

The first wave of school closings have happened in Chicago and like Detroit pension holders there are no federal bail outs forthcoming. While schools are being closed in Chicago, the federal government is thinking about the future of the children as the US Senate quietly approved $166 million to reactivate Thomson prison and two other prisons in the state of Illinois.

Speaking of Federal prisons, despite the US government, US courts and even at one time the current US president argued that the crack cocaine vs. powder disparities in sentencing were grossly unfair and racists in their application, the US Justice department is fighting to keep mostly poor Black people locked up under the unfair and racist sentencing guidelines . "On 17 May 2013, the US court of appeals for the sixth circuit held that the new, "fair" sentences must be applied to all those previously sentenced under laws that everyone acknowledges were discriminatory." So why is the US Justice Department seeking to keep these men and women in prison and overturn the courts decision?

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