Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stevie Wonder is Boycotting Florida for Trayvon


Today on Occupy the Microphone, the nation continues to react to the Zimmerman acquittal. From people in the streets to Stevie Wonder boycotting Florida to the Green Party issuing a statement, this story is clearly not done. Expect backlash and cries of “time to move on.”

Then, we look at the latest in the curious case of Edward Snowden. As we reported here, Snowden held a press conference and asked for help from human rights organizations in securing asylum. Reports indicate that Snowden is seeking temporary refuge in Russia.

Then we hear from our second member of the Green Shadow Cabinet. Ben Manski of Wisconsin will join us. He is the Green Shadow Government's White House Chief of Staff and has issued a widely read statement about Edward Snowden.

Finally, we wrap up the whirlwind of trials and intrigue with a review of the Bradley Manning case. He brought forward ten witnesses. The prosecution says that Manning deliberately used Wikileaks to communicate secrets to Al-Qaeda in an attempt to do harm to the United States. Friend of the show Alexa O'Brien writes at The Daily Beast that journalism is on trial in the Manning case.

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