Monday, July 29, 2013

What did the FBI know about plans to kill leaders in Occupy Houston


What did the FBI know about plans to kill leaders in Occupy Houston, when did they find out, and why didn't they tell the targets that they had a bulls-eye on their forehead?

Today on Occupy the Microphone we are joined by Paul B. Kennedy of Houston Texas. An attorney in private practice, he is a member of the National Lawyers Guild. He served as a legal adviser for some of the folks in Occupy Houston. When recent FBI documents were released showing a plot to kill peaceful protesters in Occupy Houston he implied that it was not impossible to imagine law enforcement involvement in such a plot.

We'll ask Mr. Kennedy about how law enforcement and Occupy Houston worked together, what the history of law enforcement in extra-legal killings looks like, and what we can do to be sure law enforcement does protect and serve.

We'll also be joined by Carl Gibson, one of the leaders of Occupy Houston who may have been left in the cross-hairs because the FBI didn't tell him he was being targeted. Co-founder of usuncut, an anti-austerity group, he writes at Huffington Post, Common dreams, and He wrote an open letter to FBI Director Mueller about the assassination plot, calling on Mueller to resign for his role in the affair.

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