Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Possible plot to assassinate Occupy Houston movement leaders

5:00PM EST
Today on Occupy The Microphone, we will address concerns from a listener who questioned using Wikipedia as a source of information when referring to the etymology of the word "Cracker". Among several examples of the historical use of the word we gave, we included the use of the word to refer to plantation overseers who "Cracked" whips across the backs of enslaved Africans. We would like to explain why Wikipedia is good a source as any corporate or other information portals as those who are not members of the Wikipedia community do not know the processes by which entries are vetted. One source for the Wikipedia entry was published in 1842 in the book by James S Buckingham, "The slave states of America", Fisher, Son, & Co., 210pp.

Did a law enforcement agency formulate or discuss carrying out a plot to assassinated leaders of the Houston area Occupy Movement? Redacted FBI documents seem to suggest that it was in fact discussed “if deemed necessary,” The documents, secured with a Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI from The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, are available at their page. Look in particular at page 61. To find it easily, click on the linked page, find the "pages" tab, click on it and scroll down until you see Page 61. You will see the actual FBI document right there. Find the FBI documents right here .

In a tragic case involving citizen journalism and animal rights, a man's canine companion was shot dead by a Hawthorne, California police officer. Leon Rosby along with other citizens was filming police officers who were reportedly trying to apprehend an armed robbery suspect.

Rosby and the others were at least 25 to 30 yards away from two officers standing on a sidewalk when the two officers said something to Rosby and he told them he was "filming them so that no one’s civil rights were being violated.” The officers then approached Rosby who was returning from a dog park with his canine companion.

When officers moved in to arrest Rosby, his companion became agitated and jumped out of the car resulting in another Hawthorne police officer shooting the dog down in the street. Do citizens have a right to film police in open view of the public and should officers have allowed Rosby to secure his Max and put him back in the vehicle?

Finally, wil the revelations of the NSA spying on not just Americans but also on foreign governments put the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the US-European Union “Free Trade” Agreement in jeopardy? President Obama says everyone spies on everyone, is that a valid excuse?

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