Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Raymond Kelley says he was saving people of color with Stop & Frisk


NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelley seems to be the front-runner among candidates to be the next Homeland Security chief. However, many civil rights groups and Cornel West have problem with his possible nomination over the massive stop and frisk program, which has targeted young Black men and boys in New York City. Kelley defended stop and frisk tactics claiming it saved the lives of 7,383 people, mostly young men of color. The NYPD's own statics showed that weapons and drugs were found on a higher percentage of white victims of stop and frisk.

NPR loved the President speech about the Zimmerman murder trial and called it Spontaneous' and 'Stunning'. Other outlets were not so nice.

In local news, former South Carolina state treasurer and multimillionaire Thomas Ravenel was arrested this week on drunken driving charges in the Hamptons in New York. Ravenel had speculated on returning to politics recently. A new hotel is expected to be announced soon for downtown Greenville, now that City Council has agreed to pay $12 million for a parking garage, the public portion of the public/private project.

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