Thursday, July 4, 2013

Standing up for the Fourth Amendment on July 4th


Efia Nwangaza will be joining us in studio today.

Thousands of websites have joined together to promote a 4th of July message that stand for 4th Amendment protections against unconstitutional searches and seizures that the US government has being conducting though the PRISM program revealed by former private contractor employee Edward Snowden.

Despite declarations of transparency concerning the US governments targeted killings by drones; the Obama administration is having trouble finding the words to explain the recent killing of a 10 year old in Yemen.

In another example of America's prison slavery system, inmates at the Medium Security Institution in St. Louis Missouri are saying they were forced to fight in Gladiator style matches for the amusement of prison guards. This reminds us of the days when those enslaved by the Roman Empire were forced to fight to the death in arenas for public amusement.

Egypt continues to experience turmoil after the so-called Arab Spring that brought about the end of the despot rule of the US backed Hosni Mubarak. The military has ousted the democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi who replaced Mubarak after millions demonstrated against him fearing he was taking the country towards an Islamist based government giving too much power to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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